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Founded in 2007 by Paulinho Lebrão,under the name of “Paulo Lebrão Lighting Programmers”;the company was born as a lighting programming service for the show business.Over the years,the company changed its name with the entry of a new partner, and was renamed “FOH Lighting Control”, opening to the international market and starting important jobs alongside with Luis Pastor, a Spanish Lighting Designer who has been working in the European, American and Latin American markets since 1997. In 2019,we had the idea of joining strengths and concepts to create “FOH Design”, opening a new line within the company, dedicated to design and create shows for different fields.Involving scenography, visual content and lighting.
Seeking to better serve and give wings to our customers imagination, FOH Design currently has partnerships with large companies worldwide, raising the possibilities and qualities of our jobs to the highest levels.

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